You will spend most of your time on grass in Harmony Towers. With its flora and landscaping which are as good as the rich nature of Bursa, you will always feel yourself as in the nature. You will feel with those you love all seasons of the year with this vegetation and live in touch with nature. The harmony of oxygen and grass odor will be indispensable for your house in Harmony Towers.

Safe and entertaining playgrounds present a colorful world where your children can spend time joyfully near you and where you can watch them peacefully. You will find more of the fun, activity and sports for both you and your child in this world.

Social facility including outdoor swimming pool, basketball field and fitness center will make you feel valuable. In Harmony Towers, you will not only have a house but also a complex facility with the stores where you can meet your daily needs, indoor parking area and living spaces each storey of which has always comfort.

You will spend time without being worried about the safety of your child while sharing the energy of open air with your friends, you will sit with pleasure in penthouse garden at the weekend or you will walk around the green area in the yard and you will not understand how time passes.